We are a Papua New Guinean company that understands the challenges hindering sustainable development in the Pacific. Through our range of high quality products, we deliver simple, sustainable and lasting solutions in the areas of Energy, Water and Sanitation and Education.

We are driven by a vision of PNG where everyone has access to technologies that enable them to live productive, dignified and healthy lives. This is reflected in our carefully chosen quality product range, values alighend partnerships and focus on hard to reach communities.

We are passionate about empowering communities.

We know that when people in rural areas gain access to clean and reliable energy, as well as safe water and sanitation, not only does their wellbeing improve, but their ability to contribute meaningfully to their community also increases. We focus on the whole community.

We only sell high quality products that people need.

In line with international and regional development goals, Solar Solutions has centred its entire product range around three priority areas: Energy, Water and Sanitation and Education.

Our obsession with providing quality products and service at a reasonable price is what keeps our customers coming back, and ensures our products provide ongoing benefits.

We know we can’t do it all on our own.

Our company values strategic partnerships with organisations that are working towards sustainable development. We partner on corporate social responsibility projects nationwide and focus on growing our distributor network to expand the reach of our life changing products.