“Water is a key determinant of health, food, education and energy and a condition to an adequate standard of living. It is key to all sustainable development goals and must now be recognized and treated as such”
– Onclay Unver, Keynote speech at Water Day at Rio+20, 2012
The Challenge

Improving access to healthy and safe water and sanitation remains a challenge globally. According to the World Health Organisation and UNICEF, 2.1 billion people lack access to safe, available, household drinking water and 4.5 billion lack access to safe sanitation services. Not only is access to clean water a human right, but a lack of access has serious consequences on human health and dignity.

More than 60% of Papua New Guinea’s population lack access to improved water and sanitation – this means that many across the country depend upon contaminated water sources for household supply.

Water and sanitation is very strongly connected to human and environmental health. With access to latrines and clean water storage, communities can increase environmental health, decrease contamination of water sources, and reduce rates of diseases like malaria and diarrhoea. Some of the impacts of a lack of access to adequate water and sanitation include:

Our Water and Sanitation Solutions

The complex terrain and rural population in PNG means that piped water and sewage systems are nearly impossible, and so at Solar Solutions, we focus on small scale decentralised technologies that can have a significant impact on quality of life, while being modular and easily transportable.

Portable water tank

Solar irrigation pump

Composting Toilets

Portable Hand Washing Station

Manual Hand Washing Machine

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